Perth through the Ages

Classic Theatre Festival
A project of our Youth Theatre Training Program

2019 Perth through the Ages: The Forgotten Ones

Our historic theatrical walking play returned in 2019 with a new play, The Forgotten Ones, set during Depression-era Perth, featuring music and songs of the 1930s. How did rural people pull together in times of great adversity? How did they celebrate the little joys and build on the modest hopes that pulled them through this challenging time?

Playwright: Laurel Smith
Director: Joanna McAuley Treffers
Stage Manager: Abigaile Gagnon

Mallory Brumm
Tyler Street
Brooke Trealout
Connor Williamson

2018 Perth through the Ages: The Prisoner of Petawawa

Starring: Mallory Brumm, Kathryn Irvine, Connor Lyon and Connor Williamson, with Stage Manager Bronwyn MacDonald.
Directed by: Joanna McAuley Treffers
Written by: Laurel Smith

In this scene from the powerful The Prisoner of Petawawa, a theatrical historic walking play presented in 2018 in Perth, Ontario, women on the homefront try to deal with the violence that came home from the war in 1945. (Photography by: J.D. Labelle)

2017 Perth through the Ages: A Nation Lost and Found

Starring: Keegan Carr, Emma Houlahan, Garrett Pipher and Connor Williamson, with Stage Manager Brooks Knapton
Directed by: Joanna McAuley Treffers
Written by: Laurel Smith

In this historical re-creation, A Nation Lost and Found visits Perth residents as they go about their daily lives at the time of Confederation. What are they thinking and talking about with respect to the birth of a new country, the forced dispossession of Indigenous peoples’ traditional territories, the dynamics of the 1837 rebellion and the debates over the Fenian Raids? How do they handle the always tender terrain of courtship, love, and marriage?

For Desmond Devoy’s article in the Perth Courier, click here.

2016 Perth through the Ages: River of Memory

“I had the great pleasure of going on the Perth Through the Ages historical promenade performance, River of Memory, on 29th June. Now that I’m back home in the UK I just wanted to once again congratulate all the young players, all of whom were superb and most convincing in their roles. So much so that by the end of the story in Stewart Park both I and my cousin (who is local to you) were moved to tears (quite a lot of them). It was a compelling piece and just like watching the ghosts of times past playing out in front of our eyes. It also brought home the atrocious and dishonest treatment of the Algonquins back then, and the cruelty of true love being thwarted by inhumane social mores.” – Gail Taylor, Brighton, United Kingdom

Enjoy the video of our 2016 Perth through the Ages play, River of Memory:

For pictures of this compelling play, CLICK HERE.

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2015 Perth through the Ages: The Maid and the Merchant

Check out this enthralling video of our 2015 walking tour, The Maid and the Merchant, the Perth through the Ages historical theatrical walking tour staged by the Classic Theatre Festival.

2014 Perth through the Ages: The Preacher and the Leading Lady

Our Mainstage Venue at 54 Beckwith Street East, Perth:
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Our Dinner Theatre Venue at Michael’s Table, 110 Gore Street East, Perth:
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