The Lonely Ghosts Walk

A project of our Youth Theatre Training Program

2018 Lonely Ghosts Walk: Far from Home

This comical, music-filled tribute to the war brides who arrived in Perth after the Second World War is a family-friendly, toe-tapping show that enlivens the sidewalks and alleyways next to Perth’s award-winning architectural facades.

Written by: Laurel Smith
Directed by: Joanna McAuley Treffers
Starring: Mallory Brumm, Katie Irvine, Connor Lyon, Connor Williamson
Stage Manager: Bronwyn Macdonald

2017 Lonely Ghosts Walk: The Beat Goes On

The Classic Theatre Festival presents The Lonely Ghosts walk presentation of The Beat Goes On, a time-travelling adventure in Heritage Perth during the time of Confederation and Expo 67.

Written by: Laurel Smith
Directed by:
Joanna McAuley Treffers
: Keegan Carr, Emma Houlahan, Garrett Pipher and Connor Williamson
Stage Manager: Brooks Knapton

2016 Lonely Ghosts Walk: A Taste of Perth

A Taste of Perth told the tale of a famous distiller and his tempestuous relationship with a women’s temperance leader. 

Written by: Laurel Smith
Directed by: Sean Jacklin
Morgan Macdonald, Garrett Pipher, Emily Richardson, Connor Williamson

2015 Lonely Ghosts Walk: The Trials of Daniel Daverne

The murky legal waters of one of Perth’s founding denizens, Daniel Daverne, lies at the heart of The Lonely Ghosts Walk, which will start each Friday at the Classic Theatre Festival (54 Beckwith Street East, at Harvey) and traverse through the historic Burying Ground, Court House, the Red House (Adamson’s Inn), the Morris store, the King’s Stores,  and McMartin House. Along the way, a descendant of Daverne, Melissa, a modern-day tour guide, is suddenly transported back in time to Perth’s early years, when her great-great-great grand uncle was, he felt, unjustly disgraced as he faced  charges of embezzlement and abuse of government powers as he tried to administer the complicated and conflicting demands placed upon him as superintendent of Lanark, Leeds, Grenville and Carleton Counties. Like Ann Glascott of the Perth through the Ages tour, the elder Daverne seeks to clear his name as well so that he can find peace and no longer wander purgatory, along the way confronting Rev. Bell, Roderick Matheson, and Colonel Francis Cockburn, among others.

Written and directed by: Laurel Smith
Sean Jacklin, Morgan Macdonald, Vivian Masswohl, Emily Richardson, Anna Stewart

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