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The Classic Theatre Festival is seeking employees this summer at Arts Court Theatre in Ottawa. Please review the available positions below.


Please provide your resume and a cover letter to:

Laurel Smith, Artistic Producer

DEADLINE: June 10, 2022

Box Office Coordinator (1 position)

The Box Office Coordinator is an 8-week summer position from July 4 to August 28, 2022. The position will be responsible for both on-site and remote receipt of phone and web inquiries regarding ticket sales, show information, theatre accessibility, pandemic health protocols, and the information to ensure those planning on a trip to the theatre have all the information they need to enjoy both the play itself as well as the experience of interacting with a welcoming, enthusiastic Festival team.

Training will include professional phone protocols, including how to deal with those who, for example, are hard of hearing, will require ambulatory assistance upon their arrival, or require additional accommodations. Accessibility guidelines (AODA), sexual harassment rights and responsibilities, and the Occupational Health and Safety Act will be key parts of the training regimen. The Box Office Coordinator will also learn about appropriate attire for conducting in-person interactions with audience members as well as multi-tasking what will be a busy front face of the Festival as calls come in at the same time in-person ticketing is in process. The position will be trained, mentored, and supervised by the Associate Producer. Skills learned in this position will prove of great benefit in a variety of job environments, including learning the art of maintaining a respectful and engaged conversation, assisting those who require special accommodations, overcoming shyness in dealing with strangers, learning poise and self-confidence when dealing with a tricky problem, database searches and inputs, cloud computing, reconciling receipts, producing reports, and providing excellent customer service.

This is a training position, however, experience in customer relations is an asset. Candidate must have excellent interpersonal communication and conflict resolution skills and be adept at computer database inputs. Eligible candidates are between the ages of 15 and 30.


Front of House Assistant (2 positions)

The Front of House Assistant is an 7-week summer position from July 11 to August 28, 2022. The position will be responsible for customer relations during the mainstage performances of the 2022 Classic Theatre Festival. Duties will include: handing out house programs, checking tickets and greeting audience members before each performance; directing audience members to their reserved seats; dealing with any issues that arise with audience members during the performance; ensuring safe entry and exit of audience members into the theatre space; accommodating needs of audience members with special needs (e.g., wheelchairs, assistance devices).

They will also staff a concessions area at intermission to provide snacks and beverages to theatre guests, while staffing a used book sale area and ensuring the integrity of the stage in between acts. They will also check theatre seats to ensure numbered tags are in place for each row so that audience members can find their reserved seat; scan the theatre space for any issues that could pose a safety threat.

Supervision of the Front of House Assistant will be conducted by the Associate Producer on a daily basis from the beginning to the end of each shift. In addition to training in front of house services and customer relations, they will also receive training in accessibility guidelines (AODA), sexual harassment rights and responsibilities, and the Occupational Health and Safety Act. The Front of House Assistant will benefit from instant evaluations that praise work well done and help correct any errors or misperceptions that may exist about a specific task. Part of the training process will emphasize how they can approach supervisors in a safe space to handle any concerns that arise. Members of the Front of House team will gather at the end of each shift to report in, discuss any challenges that arose that day, and discuss potential solutions to any problems that have arisen.

This is a training position. However, experience in customer relations is an asset. Superior interpersonal communication skills are a must, as well as being on time for work shift. Eligible candidates are between the ages of 15 and 30.


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